How to choose a dog GPS tracker?
Dog GPS Tracker Durability

How to choose a dog GPS tracker?


A dog GPS tracker uses Global Positioning System to detect your pet’s location, On top of that some GPS trackers offer many other benefits, such as health and activity monitoring, night light, waterproof and programmable designated safe-zone.  In this article, we will break down what to look for when it comes to choosing the right dog GPS tracker.  

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Dog GPS Tracker Durability

Choosing a GPS collar that’s durable and waterproof is extremely important.  Your dog will definitely go to places that you won’t expect especially when he or she is not under your watch, such as jumping into puddles, dirt rolling and scratching against a rough surface.  Finding a durable GPS tracker should be on top of the list when shopping for the right tracker.

Size and Comfort

Dog GPS Tracker Size

When choosing the right GPS tracker, you need to consider the size of your dog and whether he or she will be comfortable in a standalone or one that you can detach from the dog collar.  Standalone GPS tracker can be bulky and causes discomfort for smaller dogs, however this type of tracker tends to stay on your dog.

Battery Life

Dog GPS Tracker Battery

Battery life is one of the most important features to look for.  You would not want a lost puppy and then to find out the battery ran out and you’re not able to locate your pet.  Choosing a dog GPS tracker with at least 24 hours battery life is highly recommended. 

Real-time Tracking

Dog GPS Tracker Real-Time

This feature is useful when there is a connection problem, and you can track where your dog was last seen.  This allows you to trace where your dog could be, and locate them quicker and easier.  It is also an interesting feature, in which you can see where your dog likes to play and roam.  


Dog GPS Tracker Subscription

Some dog GPS trackers require a subscription to use, while some models don’t.  You need to figure out which features are important and helpful to you.  Subscription services typically offer, Unlimited Location History, worldwide coverage, public and family sharing, and some even offer on-demand veterinary help.